Semi Dry White Wine


Grape Variety: 100% Gewurztraminer

Growing region: 
Lower Galilee - Kfar Tavor

Growing conditions and climate:
The vineyard is located at the foot of Mt. Tavor in sedimentary soil covering chalky rock. The region enjoys low humidity and a good breeze flows among the vines on both sunny summer days and chilly nights.

Wine Production process
The Gewurztraminer grapes were night harvested at the end of July 2010. A long ripening period was conducive to the gradual development and accumulation of the grapes’ rich aromas. Upon reaching the winery the grapes were destemmed and left to soak with their skins for several hours for maximum aroma extraction. They were then pressed and following a natural sedimentation process the clear juice underwent very slow alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 10°C. Towards the end of the process, the temperature was reduced to 0°C to halt fermentation and to retain some of the natural sweetness that is balanced by the fresh tartness that comes from the grapes.

Tasting notes:
The wine typically contains a rich exotic aroma of red grapefruit, rose water and tropical fruit scents. The wine’s mild sweetness is well balanced by a refreshing crispness and it has a rich lingering finish with fresh fruity overtones.
Best served well chilled at 6°-8°C.

Wine Composition:
Alcohol: 13%
pH: 3.35
Total Acidity: 5.8 g/liter