About Our Wine Series

Binyamina Winery is the fourth largest winery in Israel and it produces some 2.8 million bottles annually under several labels. These are delivered to specialty wine stores, marketing chains, hotels, catering companies and restaurants in Israel and abroad.


The winery currently produces wine under five main labels - The Chosen, Binyamina Reserve, Yogev, BIN and Teva, as well as special limited edition wines and liqueurs. We regard each of our wine labels as reflecting a part of an entire enterprise that strives for and ultimately achieves product perfection.

סדרת אבני החושן  

The Chosen - a reflection of our winemaker’s creativity. This is Binyamina Winery’s high-end label that includes six wines, each named for one of the Hoshen Stones (the biblical term for the carefully chosen precious stones set in the breastplate of the High Priest). During the production process the winemaker meticulously oversees the manual harvesting and sorting of the grapes, production processes that rely on gravitational forces rather than on mechanical processes, and the wine’s long aging.

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סדרת בנימינה רזרב  

Binyamina Reserve - the winery’s flagship label which reflects the vineyard and its qualities. This label includes eight red and white varietal wines produced from grapes that grow mainly in our Upper and Lower Galilee vineyards. The unique expression of vineyard qualities is the dominant feature in these wines.

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סדרת יוגב  

Yogev - Binyamina’s Yogev label is tribute to our winegrowers. In Hebrew, Yogev means farmer, toiler of the soil. This label reflects the winegrower’s contribution to the production of quality wines. Yogev wines are aged in used barrels in order to preserve the natural qualities of the winegrowers’ fruit. As a token of our appreciation, we have included the winegrowers’ names on the back labels of all Yogev wines.

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BIN - We at Binyamina winery decided to appropriate this name for a varietal label after  discovering several tanks among the winery’s stock in which red wine remained

for several months after being barrel aged for a short period. Surprisingly, the

wine’s lengthy stay in stainless steel tanks while waiting to be bottled created an

enchanting wine that proved to be fresh and fruity, but also deep and full-flavored.



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סדרת טבע   Teva – Binyamina’s most popular label that we regard as reflecting the consumer. This label includes varietal wines, each attributed with a nature that wine consumers can relate to while we cater to the personal taste of each consumer.
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Binyamina Winery strives to promote a wine culture in Israel and is regarded as a daring pioneer in the wide range of varieties it offers its customers under its different labels, which include classics from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to Shiraz, Chardonnay and Emerald Riesling as well as less known varieties such as Pinotage, Tempranillo and Viognier. There is no doubt that even in the rich and diverse wine world it is important to constantly strive to diversify even further and to offer attractive options to meet developing and increasingly sophisticated consumer tastes. And nobody does it better than Binyamina!

חזרה לראש העמוד